Fall Coding Institute Frequently Asked Questions


What is the Fall Coding Institute?

The Fall Coding Institute is an eleven-week program that provides instruction and support in learning the basics of the Python programming language. It is intended for adults who are on the Autism Spectrum.

Why take the class?

Software Development is one of the highest demand Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) professions in the US. This class, for the participant, could be the start of a personal journey learning programming languages. The end-point-vision for this class would be that successful students go on to complete other similar classes, develop multi programming language skills, and become full-time, well-paid professional software developers.

What are the class dates?

Classes begin Tuesday, September 27 and proceed each Tuesday through December 6. Each class is 6 pm to 8 pm.

What is the class location?

Classes are held at UMFS Charterhouse School, 3900 West Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia 23230. This facility is located off Broad Street just west of Interstate 195.

Who is this class intended for?

The class is intended for high school or GED graduates with an interest in learning introductory programming. Most class members will have an autism spectrum diagnosis or display signs of autism.

What materials are used in the course?

The core of the course is the Python programming series available through Coursera.org and taught by University of Michigan professor Charles Severance. The class will be set up as a cohort going through the materials together, offering an opportunity to learn from each other in a collaborative manner.

Is there any cost to the course?

Yes, there is a $20 course fee. The online instruction is provided free of charge. Class members may optionally pay $79 to Coursera/University of Michigan for an online certificate that can be added to their professional LinkedIn profile as proof of course completion.

Does a student need a laptop computer in order to take this course?

No, library computers may be used to take the course. A home computer may make completing some of the coursework on your own time easier, but is not required.

Is a prior background in programming required for this class?

No, this class will examine beginner-level Python programming. Prior experience in programming is not required, though a familiarity with computer use and programming concepts is useful.

Will there be an informational session to learn more?

Yes, mandatory informational and assessment sessions for interested students were held Tuesday, September 13, and Tuesday, September 20, from 6 pm to 9 pm at UMFS Charterhouse School, 3900 West Broad Street, Richmond, Virginia.