Software Python Series

Overview: This CP Software Roundtable meeting is hosted by Agile Charities Software Development and Consulting, Inc., as a way to train multiple individuals as a “Cohort” in the Python general purpose language. At present we have 24 students. Completion of this class is also a step toward Decision Analytics certification. Python is the number one general purpose language used worldwide and the US and is freeware. Python is also the number one general purpose language used for Decision Analytics. Even if you never program in your future after completion, the Python Series certification from the University of Michigan looks REALLY great on your resume as it tells an employer that you are keeping up with technology.

This series is taught via MOOC (Massive, On-line, Open Courserwork) by The University of Michigan via Coarsera, but weekly meetings will be held for student participants to be able to answer study together, ask/give answers to questions, have solutions resolved, etc. There are no pre-requisite classes required for this series and math requirements are at a very low minimum. Many of the best programmers have no college education at all!

The University of Michigan series can be found at: – choose the blue “Enroll” tab on the left of this page to enroll in the first of a series of five classes. The first class is: Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python). About 60% of our group started the first session: Jan 18 — Mar 14, but about 40% started during the beginning of February and the classes repeat each 30 days. With only ~4 hours needed per week of class there is still time to join the class with effort to catch up. Cost for this ~30 Week Python Series of classes, five classes in all, is $79 per class for the first four classes (each class takes up to six weeks, or whenever completed), and $99 for the capstone class IF you decided to get credit. HOWEVER, should you decided to take the first four classes for free, OR pay after you have completed the classes, either is allowed.

The best part of taking a class with others in a “Cohort” (Cohort means taking the class at the same time) is that each individual will have multiple others to help them get past “snags” that everyone eventually runs into. Several in our cohort have past experience at programming- Mike Savino, one of our cohort, will be giving an overview on what to expect over the first six weeks as he has already completed the first class a few days ago!

This week’s (Thursday) Meeting Location: We will be meeting in Room 206 in St. Michael’s Catholic Church located at 4491 Springfield Road, Richmond, VA 23060

Also, should you come late call Dennis Bragg: Cell: 804-690-2152, or Daniel Wrobleski, Cell: 804-314-6553, to gain entry into the building as the doors are locked after 5:30 pm. We will have someone at the front door for a short while, but call should you want someone to come let you in as the entrance is down the hall from the meeting room.

NOTE 1: Bring your Laptop If You Have One: Should you have a class related question so that we can open up your Python work and answer your questions as a group. We typically have laptops available that can be used, but just in case, bring it anyway. Next week we are back in the Tuckahoe PC Lab.

NOTE 2: Open Invitation to ANY Curious Parties: For anyone wondering about this Career Prospector’s Software Development and Decision Analytics Roundtable / Agile Charities 1st Python Cohort who is not a participant yet, you are welcome to join as we can likely squeeze you in the room. We should have plenty of seating and the venue would be a good one to field your questions.

The main intent of our educational Cohorts on Python, Decision Analytics, and later on – Java, JavaScript, and .NET, is to make our students more valuable in the workplace by helping you obtain a job in Decision Analytics or in programming as a Full Stack Polyglot Programmer.

***Should anyone wish to join it would take a little study to catch up at this point, but not terribly hard- at 2-4 hours per week of study, the first six weeks course: “Programming for Everybody (Getting Started with Python)” could fly by very quickly as it is based on hours of study and the first six weeks is not very taxing.***

Thursday Night’s Meeting’s Topic: Terry Ashby, Martin Poteralski, and Daniel Wroblewski will spend the first hour or so going over weeks 1-6 of course 1. The three of them will do their best to answer any questions that may have come up and to to give a comprehensive overview of this first class. Also, please note that last week our scrum group (our Cohort) decided that we would like for everyone to try hard and finish this Course 1 during the week of March 7th to 13th, as the earliest class start date of January 18 ends on the 14th. If you finish Course 1 please feel free to start the next course as soon as you can.
This session will last for ~ 2.5 hours.

Any questions contact Dennis Bragg, cell: 804-690-2152,, or Daniel Wroblewski, cell: 804-314-6553,